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*CARS* KILL Arabs, Africans, and Israelis SIX TIMES FASTER than Americans and Europeans!

A carnage-inspired ad-campaign. Make the following text into a half-sheet-sized pdf and post. . . Also mentions an early San Diego leader for carfreedom. Order your Cars today. -|- "Extermination that pays."

Added by colin #442 on 2005-12-23. Last modified 2005-12-31 22:13. Originally created 2005-12-23. F0 License: Attribution
Location: World, United States, California, San Diego
Topics: elders, leadership, media campaign \ propaganda, policy development, public transit, transport: rail, urban planning

The following was provoked by the article printed in the Union Tribune: Reckless drivers blamed for 3,000 traffic deaths per month in Arab nations. Or try jim kane car accident on google.

There was another article meaningful in a different way, just yesterday: Leon L. Williams was first black on council, county board. Apparently, Williams was responsible for getting the trolley station placed on the center of campus, not down by the highway, a mistake made with many of BART's (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations.

As far back as the 1970s, Williams advocated that San Diego should be reusing its older, inner neighborhoods and tying them into efficient public-transportation networks, instead of pushing into undeveloped areas. . . .

Asked whether he got what he wanted out of public service, Williams thought for a moment, then delivered a wistful answer.

"Not really, no," he said.

"I had visions that if we could just make it clear enough, we could make better land-use choices, we could connect transportation and land use," Williams said.

Well-managed growth that gives people more time in their own neighborhoods has become a cornerstone of land-use planning today. But in his council years, Williams said, it was considered "a lot easier to take vacant land than to make better use of what you have."

"That was the particular thing that I pushed hardest on the City Council," he said. "I didn't get that."

But back to the poison. The daily death toll in the paper and related stories can be inspiring. . . The caption or sidebar that went along with the following story Getting kids to school safely: Pedestrian policy for campus zones set for overhaul mentioned that the leading cause of death (in the US? in SD county?) for children age 5-12 was dying in a car crash. The second leading cause was being hit by a car.

I may rework the following into a pdf—and an ad campaign perhaps—but wanted to back it up to the web first.



  KILL Arabs, Africans, and Israelis SIX TIMES FASTER 
                                        than Americans and Europeans!
              ELIMINATE *all races* AT A PROFIT!

 (An alien source requesting anonymity translated and contributed 
                                                 this pesticide ad.)

      !!EXTRA EFFECTIVE in ARAB nations: KILL 3,000+/MONTH!!


United Arab Emirates:            .00116 humans/car/year 
                                     (1000 cars = >1 KILL/year!!) 
In Israel:                       .00027
In U.S.:                         .00018
In Europe:                       .00011


Eastern Mediterranean Region (includes 
     Israel, Iran, Pakistan, and Afganistan):
                                 .000263 KILLS/human/year
                               (KILL 2.6 of every 10,000 humans!!) 
United Arab Emirates:            .00021
United States:                   .00015
Great Britain:                   .00006
Saudi Arabia:                    .00030
Iran:                            .00038 (ONE KILL every 40 minutes!!
                                           ONE HIT every SEVEN!!)
   Added bonus: 
                         No gas chamber/oven combo this.
                         *NO HITLER NEEDED* (no political hard sell):
                                  --they call KILLS "*ACCIDENTS*"--!!
   What's more,
          HUMANS *PAY* FOR CARS! 
                                   they *DIE* for FUEL! 

                                           PRODUCTION-INDUCED KILL!!

       (Varies from SIX TIMES (Iran) TO 15(?) TIMES (USA) KILL RATE)!!

      due to humans' building cities that encourage car use 
                                and restrict interaction and walking.

-|-|-|- Order your Cars today. -|- "Extermination that pays." -|-|-|- 

  Kill and injury rate for other species may also be significant. 
  Use in manner indicated may cause undesired effects.

                !!!ACT NOW BEFORE THEY CATCH ON!!!
                     HOW STUPID CAN THEY BE?

Human Sources:
   Article one
   Article two
   other articles

For more information:

Carfreeclub.org, carfreeuniverse.org, worldcarfree.net, 
carfree.com, carfreecity.us


Colin Leath <>    

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