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San Diego State (SDSU) Environmental Activism / clube3, enviro business society, green campus, & SEAC: student environmental action coalition

Link: http://clube3.org/

(Links to student environmental organizations an SDSU)

When I first arrived in January 2003 there was SEAC. They organized an earthday event in Spring 2003. The students behind that org left. Next on the scene was Benjamin Crawford, a dynamic, charismatic guy, with the SDSU Environmental Business Society. He also did work with the campus electric car competition team. Now, Spring 2006, this is Ben's last semester, and he's trying to make sure the society continues, in the form of clube3.

Today, I just met Bryce Winter with SDSU Green Campus. He is currently carfree. As far as I know they don't have a website yet. He is a paid intern and their funding comes from the Association to Save Energy. For some other CSU/SDSU enviro links, visit the sdsu area carfree club. In additon, SD Ishmael sometimes has been having its meetings on campus. I met Bryce at a booth at a "Explore SDSU" fair they are having today. He was with the guys from the campus physical plant, who inform me how much they are doing so that the campus will be more efficient. (There are many solar panels on campus roofs, for example). I got to talk with them about the pollution caused by the gas-powered golf carts. . .

Campus President Stephen Weber was walking by, and I gave him one of the carfree business cards, and we talked about the letter to the editor I wrote, and related things.

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