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The Reality: a creative attempt to get car-users to be more aware of reality.

Link: http://hopedance.org/archive/40/articles/20.html

A creative piece by Jill Cloutier in Hopedance I want to keep track of:

The Reality was "a car designed to take drivers into the 21st century and beyond. A car so unusual, it will change your life forever. Once you have been inside a Reality, you will never view driving in the same way again."

I'm trying to sum the thing up. It is hard to read (at least online), partly due to a formatting problem... It is a fairly complete/ nearly exhaustive attempt to get car drivers to be aware of the full costs of car-use... the full costs. In the end, the hero/ine wants to get away from that Reality... So it is a strange, unsimple ending. The basic message seems to be playing with how to increase awareness of the effects and costs of our choices or an irony about how well-hidden the costs of car-use are... Maybe later I'll attempt to be more coherent about this...

The actual paper issue had, I believe, links to sources for the reality portrayed in the article... This was exhaustively researched. I'll try to find those links and add them here.

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   The Reality: a creative attempt to get car-users to be more aware of reality., by colin on 2004-05-21 01:06:03

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