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Vision Research Project document index

The following documents are part of the ongoing Vision Research Project (VRP).

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It doesn't matter how right or good a vision is if the vision is not expressed in a compelling way.

I'm trying to present compelling expressions of vision so that those who read the expressions are affected and alter their personal visions and behavior as a result. The visions of social change I have are:

  • A dialog along the lines of “Where are we going as a people and what is my part in it?” becomes active and widespread. This is an entry-level version of the following:
  • More people spend more time listening to the silence and to those who listen to the silence. The silence shall speak through more minds.

VRP document index

  • TGCBP The Grand Cathedral-Building Project (vision expression) This appears to be one of the most-read documents on this site.
  • vision000 Vision Research Project document index (this document)
  • vision001 Vision Research Project: overview and methodology
  • vision002 Four men in a room (vision expression)
  • vision003 Analysis: Four men in a room (vision expresson analysis)
  • vision004 Ten steps to a new vision
  • vision005 Analysis: Ten steps to a new vision

Perhaps a better name for this effort is the Vision Propagandization Project.

Feel free to join the VRP effort with your own visions & ideas.

Change Log

2004-10-30-1029 Added "The Grand Cathedral-Building Project" to index.

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