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Document Dickinson, Whitman, and Possibility Document 2006-02-12 2008-03-05 2005-12-06
  To be God-like is to create. Creating can be facilitated by discipline. Dickinson suggests that discipline consists in protecting and cultivating one's passion in a world that tends to impose shame. The fortunate live in communities which value prophets who model discipline that facilitates the passion of creating. Those even more fortunate also have poets who help them, like Dickinson, first to know passion, then to develop their own discipline to protect their passion and help it grow. From Whitman I want to learn how a man does something radically new, that others value. I may be less likely to learn from the professors than from Whitman how to create a role, a life, an anything, that has not been seen before, and is valued.
Document Reading Response: Copway (from The Life of Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh) Document 2006-02-03 2006-02-03 2005-11-22
  Copway's _Life_ is a continuation, given the limits and opportunities of his socialization among whites and the loss of his tribal existence, of the teaching practices of his father and of his tribe.
Document Reading Response: Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin) Document 2006-02-03 2006-02-03 2005-11-01
  I am gaining a perspective on life and on people that I have been partly missing because of the way my attention has been guided to focus as a biologically- and socially-gendered male.
Document Reading Response: Hawthorne (The House of Seven Gables) Document 2006-02-03 2006-02-03 2005-10-04
  The easterly storm that begins chapter 15 occurs in a context in which it suggests the following meanings: change, climax, destruction, purification, cruel fate, and the machinations of the author.
Link A page I made for english 522 taught by M. Borgstrom (Redrawing the Boundaries: Literature of the U.S., 1800-1860) remote url Link 2006-02-03 2006-02-03
  I was testing out some ideas for teaching on myself and made a page in case anyone else wanted to participate:<blockquote>This is for Michael Borgstrom's engl522 class, Fall 2005 at SDSU. There are three activities: blogging about class and readings, writing a thesis statement or question about the readings, and voting on which statement or question interests you the most.</blockquote>
Document Reading Response: Thoreau Document 2006-02-03 2007-10-05 2005-09-13
  Thoreau's success as a teacher comes both from satirizing effectively the kinds of values that lead people away from finding the divine in the everyday and in his presentation of the quality of life thereby lost. He has created a spiritual text that we can meditate on to help us stay focused on living deeply.


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