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The Haul of Justice

The Haul of Justice is a group of costumed cyclists (Superheroes) who pedal around the US and DOOOO GOOOOD! (Volunteer & provide service).

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Location: World, United States, Oregon, Cottage Grove
Topics: activism, community, cycling, ecovillages, men

Please be advised the Haul of Justice does not organize using computers.
In other words, I cannot send you an email about the next ride!

To find out about upcoming rides, please call:
and ask to speak with
Holly Jones.
If that number ever is no longer any good, let me know and I will update this page. Happy riding! --Colin.

UPDATE 2005-07-22-1311: Ethan has found carbusters:

Here We Come to Save the Day!

Statistically, the probability of anyone of us being is so small that the mere fact of existing should keep us all in a contented state of dazzelment and surprise. - Lewis Thomas

Hello to all you beautiful people at the World Carfree Network. You make me feel like dancing. Finding your group is like finding a long lost brother!

I have not been inside a car for five years. My girlfriend and I are currently biking across Europe visiting carfree and machine-free communities. We arrived to this continent from America by boat.

We left the USA seven months ago and finding out about your organisation was worth the trip.

I am founder of the Haul of Justice, a group of over 400 colourfully dressed super-heroes who bike around North America helping whoever we see. Our group has biked across 21 states, England, and part of Mexico, in costume, contributing tens of thousands of hours of volunteer service to non-profits, small towns, individuals, homeless shelters, schools, community gardens, etc..

My alias is the Blazing Echidna (after an endangered spiny anteater). And now we have found more superheroes... you!

Thank you for beginning. You are a sweet blast of sanity in this mad human-made world (cities, highway, speed). Sarah and I will be returning to Oregon where we have gotten funding to start a petrol-free community (no cars, plastic or electricity). The site will also be the international headquarters for the "Super Heroes."

We hope to team up with you. Automobiles have no chance!

Ethan Hughes
Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA

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Older info follows:

The next ride will be August or September 2004 in Washington State, with a more firm date known after May 4.

541 767 9604 Holly Jones is the recommended contact person- I spoke to Miguel (Velvet Revolution)

Older information follows:


The upcoming Haul Of Justice convergence is November 29, 2003 in Douglas, AZ. For more info, call Ethan (a.k.a Blazing Echidna) at 541 767 9604

Below is more info copied from http://www.ingearcoaching.com/ingear051200.htm

It is about their 2000 trip, so may be out of date.

I found out about these superheroes from Elliot Lafferty (aka Yankee Rose) at Earthaven ecovillage.


On May 20th a group of costumed superheroes begin their 5000-mile bike ride across the United States from Seattle, Washington to Gloucester, Massachusetts, their purpose, to DO GOOD!!!

This 4-month journey has 3 main goals:

  1. Each hero is riding to raise money for an organization of his/her choice. Each mile pedaled will bring in funds for these groups. Some of the organizations being supported by the ride are the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, The Rachel Carson Foundation, The Grass Roots Garden and many more!
  2. Our superhero team will have scheduled stops in each state we bike through. We will volunteer out time with local groups, churches, schools and non-profit organizations working for humanitarian and environmental causes. We will visit a wide range of groups including a community garden run by the physically disabled, a school run by its students, a hospital based on healing through laughter, a museum protecting the history and culture of a fishing port and many more!
  3. Along our ride where ever we see someone in need of assistance we shall stop and offer our humble and spontaneous service. We are ready to weed gardens, build fences, move furniture, help people cross the road and tell good jokes. We are prepared to help people where ever and when ever we can!!

“All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action” James Russell Lowell

It is our belief that these simple acts are the deeds that will build trust and community within the world. We ride for laughter, world peace, creativity, a sustainable planet, fun, a saner world, and most of all we ride for love. There is a superhero in all of us!!

I will be joining this whacky band of heros across this lovely country. The image of forty costumed superheroes entering small town America to “Do Good” makes me giddy. I will be riding under the superhero alias THE BLAZING ECHIDNA!

BLAZING n. to burn with intense feeling or passion. n. to lead in forming or finding a new method or path.

ECHIDNA n. any of several insectorous (worm eating) monotremes (same order as the duck-billed platypus), slender snout, covered with spines, and a barbed tongue for catching its prey.

You can be part of this journey by giving a donation to one of the groups I will be riding for. Any donation is wonderful! A penny for every mile ridden comes out to fifty dollars. All donations are 100% tax-deductible and go directly to the organizations for their programs. The heroes are self financing this trip with no outside support, so that all donations go to the groups

The three groups I have chosen to ride for are small non-profits run mainly by volunteers. These are three of the most inspirational organizations that I have ever worked for. They are unique in that they focus on helping their local communities, yet are involved in change on the national and international level.

THE APROVECHO RESEARCH CENTER works for a sustainable world. They specialize in sustainable forestry, Appropriate Technology (i.e.. Solar Power), and organic gardening. The institute is open to the public and has outreach projects for at-risk youth. They also run programs in Central America helping communities to develop sustainable and independently. Most of Aprovecho’s work is done for free, and outreach and education is their main focus.

80574 Hazelton Rd., Cottage Grove, OR 97424

GRASS ROOTS GARDEN grows fresh organic produce for the homeless and for low income families. The garden is pro-active in that it teaches all members how to develop self-sufficiency through gardening. The garden also runs workshops, conducts research, works with school groups and is open to the public. All the services are free. The garden also produces organic food for emergency food boxes, emergency shelters, soup kitchens, and residential treatment centers. Its success has lent it to be a model for many community empowerment gardens nation wide.

c/o Food for Lane County, 255 Madison Street, Eugene, OR 97402

CENTER FOR APPROPRIATE TRANSPORT is committed to community involvement in manufacturing, using and advocating sustainable modes of transportation (i.e. Bike, Train and bus). The center allows at-risk youth to get their High School diploma while producing and publishing Oregon’s bicycling magazine, designing and building bikes, and helping in the community “do it yourself” bike repair shop. C.A.T. runs Eugene’s only bicycle cargo delivery service and has a rideable bike museum. C.A.T.’s ¼ ton bike haulers and recumbent bikes are internationally distributed. C.A.T. is on the cutting edge of education and is working for a bike friendly world.

455 W. 1st Ave., Eugene, OR 97401-2276

Please send a donation to the group(s) of your choice by May 20th if you can. People can pledge up until the rides end on September 15th. You can make the check out to the organizations mentioned above. Please get as many friends and family involved as you can! Thanks for believing in me and our ride. You can also join the spirit of our group by helping your neighbors and volunteering in you local communities.

We are inviting everyone to ride with us for all or part of the ride. You can contact the Haul of Justice Headquarters at 541-942-8198 until May 15th and 480-836-7092 during the ride. Thank you again for your time and energy!!

Love Ethan (A.K.A. The Blazing Echidna)

“Statistically, the most efficient animal known in the entire universe is a human being on a bicycle!”” Vance Tucker

“Statistically, the probability of any one of us being here is so small that you’d think the mere fact of existing would keep us all in a contented dazzlement of surprise” Lewis Thomas

My new address is: Ethan Hughes, 15831 East Brittlebush,

Fountainhills, AZ 85268


I would love to hear from you!!

PS: All supporters will receive 2 thank you letters upon the completion of our ride documenting our adventures. Thanks again!!

Be good, Be you, Just be!!

Colin Leath <>    

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