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Changelog 4

A list of technical and design changes to carfreeuniverse.

Added by portal_administrator #16 on 2006-01-27. Last modified 2008-03-06 17:32. Originally created 2006-01-27. F0 License: Public Domain
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Latest entry

This is Changelog 4. For earlier changes visit:


0808 Began new changelog.

0818 beginning redesign of some pages. . . to make them simpler.

0903 been trying to set up google public services search on the site.

0911 Its not working yet. . . maybe in a while??

0932 still futzing.

1035 think I'm done futzing with adding google search to site.

1244 done rearranging main page of site. Now . . . add content?


1052 Made the Members page list any content object labelled personally important as important instead of only documents.


1418 Well, that adding of google search to search page broke the page when page is called without searchable text.

1421 Fixed: added:

tal:condition="exists: request/SearchableText"

1503 Allowed listing of originalCreationDate in search listings. . .this was a bit of a hassle since I had to do a wierd datetime call:

DateTime.strftime(results.originalCreationDate, %Y-%m-%d)

1603 what hell. the catalogofpublished items is returning items of type folder, because it is not cmf aware. . . so strange things occur. in listing docs, links.

1646 I have something that works more or less. Later will have to sort things out and decide how I want to list things so there will be less clutter. To remember: content_listing_macros is only for the documents and links page. Other listings have to be modified in topic ZPT.


1208 since about 0800 this am have been doing things related to moving to nidelven's shared server. Am done with that now. I had to move from freezope because too many times when I wanted to publish something it was not working. At $100/year I figured I could handle the nidelven fee. . . assuming the bandwidth does not get exceeded. So I had to fix one bug that was preventing users from registering. I had to do something else in image_edit to make sure users can't upload huge images since there wasn't any basic filesize limit on nidelven. That's it. Four hours put down to that. Now back to school and ?? On friday I should be able to work without problems on adding content. And by then the Name service should have switched over from freezope to nidelven.


1533 at least an hour trying to deal with EPOZ editor in Mozilla and firefox printing a black font on black background. Works fine in IE. . . will have to ask for help on this. It works fine on freezope, but not on nidelven.


1113 Wrote to maik (epoz creator). Dealing with epoz since about 1030.:

    I'm running epoz 2.0.2, Zope 2.7 and CMF 1.4.7.

    I want to have an epoz editor with black background and white text.

    IE picks up the body settings from my CSS, but Mozilla & Firefox do not.

    IE picks up the font and background setting I specify using

     .visualFontSizeCorrection {
       background-color: #e0e0e0;
       color: Red;

    Mozilla does not.

    IE picks up the red font color here:
     <span tal:replace="structure python: here.Epoz('text:text',
                  style='width: 100%; height: 450px; border: 1px solid
    gray; color: red;', css=here.zpt_stylesheet.absolute_url(),
    pageurl=here.absolute_url() + '/')">Epoz editor here</span>

    But mozilla does not.

    Mozilla _is_ picking up the black background color from the CSS. . .
    just not the _font_ color:

    body {
    color: white;
    background-color: black;

    textarea {
    color: white;
    background-color: black;

    The normal textareas in mozilla work fine.

    So as it stands, I can't change the epoz editor font to be any other
    color but white in mozilla/firefox.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you,
    Colin Leath

    Below is some code from epoz_script_main.js.dtml that might be
    relevant. (I don't know)

     // Mozilla inserts css-styles per default

     if (browser.isGecko) {
         EpozElement.contentWindow.document.execCommand('useCSS',false, true);

       EpozElement.contentWindow.document.execCommand(command, false, option);


1109 Epoz is not working at all!! Spent at least the past hour?? Futzing with it. . . What did nidelven do?? I'm able to get a dtml editor working, but the zpt, which produces nearly the same source doesn't bring up anything.

1125 turns out epoz is working on www.cfu, but not cfu. for some reason. . .


1630 modified image_view so images are centered on page. Hope I didn't cause any bugs.


1020 it has been about 2 hrs and 10 minutes. . . or maybe 20 minutes. But I have a fix for the Epoz problems. I went back to using a local epoz. (8.5 about) and renamed the script Epoz to myEpoz, and renamed epoz_blank_iframe to myepoz_blank_iframe, and in that file added the following:

  <body class="visualFontSizeCorrection" style="color: White" tal:condition="python: request.portal_skin == 'Reverse Video'">
  <body class="visualFontSizeCorrection" tal:condition="python: request.portal_skin <> 'Reverse Video'">

So, that seems to be working in both browsers and gives me the color of text I want in mozilla/firefox. . .


1024 spent time working with robots.txt and meta headers to prevent email_form and content_status_history from being indexed. . . noticed that for some reason, experienceart.org/cfu had been indexed. . . tried to shut that down. Need to later work on getting www.sitename pointed to sitename so both aren't indexed. . . using a 301 redirect. . . but later!


0858 noted yesterday that shared.nidelven-it.no/colin/cfu/ was being indexed by search engines. Adding more to main_template to have the robots not index pages going to that url.

0923 done. . . much of the time was spent trying to figure out how to do a comment. . .:

   <meta tal:condition="nothing" name="comment" content="don't want robots indexing shared.nidelven-it.no/colin/cfu/; is there an easier way to add acomment??">

0935 tried again. . . just leaving comment out. Don't want to study omit-tag to figure that out. Bye.

1010 Addictied. Changed robots.txt:

    # http://www.robotstxt.org/wc/faq.html#robotstxt
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /content_status_history 
    Disallow: /email_form
    Disallow: /l/
    Disallow: /s/

1010 now something else...

1033 freed from addiction. Only lost about 2 hrs. . . made links not have unnecessary "created" column. . . There was some bug in using conditions within div statements in content_listing_macros. But eventually decided to just have a separate page for links. . .


1344 Added new script members to redirect people who don't type "Members." In a url like carfreeuniverse.org/members/colin/carfreechic which apparently was published in a magazine in Italy! I should check my logs and see what other problems there are. . . 404s etc.

1353 there are lots of 404s-- not sure why.


1530 Added:

   if "http" in text:
      return returnError("don't type 'http' in your email (this is to prevent spam)")

to sendemail script, because the site has been being spammed by bots which are trying to lead traffic to certain urls. . . I hope that will fix it.

1633 I noticed the email /contactable function wasn't working right on replies/discussions. So, I modified getOwnerId script and contactable script. I hope I haven't caused any bugs!!

1637 I see the Originally Created dates on comments are also wrong. . . oh well!


0840 added check for "@" in sendemail as well because of spam.


0213 added rss feeds for certain member pages: colin, portal_administrator, greenman. . . and could turn on one for yours if you'd like.


1227 replaced experienceart.org in links with purl.oclc.org/net/ea (add a trailing slash if pasting it in!) in anticipation of not renewing domain name.


1211 Creating a static archive of cfu so I no longer need to maintain it or pay for hosting or domain name. Current plan is to keep archive at http://cfu.freehostia.com/. The domain does not expire until February 2008, and the hosting I've paid for, not until May 2008. Domain name cost: $10/yr. Hosting: $100/yr. Not much, but I'm simplifying my life in order to focus on the next thing (currently undetermined).

If you want changes made to any of your documents that are published here before they are archived, make the changes before November 10, 2007. If I published them for you, tell me by November 6 what changes you want made.

When linking to documents on carfreeuniverse, please use the purl (permanent URL--specified at the top of most pages). I may renew the domain name for another year so existing links to carfreeuniverse will continue to work for another year, but to be safe, change existing links so they use the purl instead.


2330 Archiving of the site is nearing completion. Almost all that is left is the HTTrack spidering and uploading it to cfu.freehostia.com.

When linking to documents on carfreeuniverse, please use the purl (permanent URL--specified at the top right of every page). The domain name carfreeuniverse.org will probably expire in February 2009.







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