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Looking for Lords of the Chainring

Looking for Lords of the Chainring

Added by colin #442 on 2004-04-17. Last modified 2004-04-17 18:29. F0

Above in thread: Lords of the Chainring

Note... I'm trying to locate a copy of this movie! It's good.

Here's some more detail I found:

An independent short film depicting a typical day in the life of a chopper rider. Watch it in streaming video at The Lost Film Fest.

Directed by Zach Lihatsh and Adam Katzman 2002? - 6 min.

And a link at the lost film fest.

The link for lost film fest 8


Lords of the Chain Ring Adam katzman/Zach Lihatch 7 min 3 sec

Bikepunk warriors put on their jockstraps, stuff their underwear, and ride their tall bikes to avenge an attack on a fellow biker by a four-wheeled gas guzzling beast. Epic metal makes the soundtrack to this battle between two wheels and four wheels. Phone: 928.778.2768

E-mail: adamkat at aol, tofudrunk at yahoo



but no streaming video. The link on the mac site was to a quicktime...

The title is "lords of the Chain Ring." I'll have to fix this-

Colin Leath <>    

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