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Photograph America for $$$

Link: http://zaio.com/

Walking around the College Heights, San Diego suburbs I saw another pedestrian. He was taking pictures of every house on the street. I stopped to talk and found he was paid by ZAIO to do so. He said he was a professional photographer, but that ZAIO would train you and give you a camera (you pay them back with your work) if you didn't have a camera.

It sounds nice to walk around all day taking pictures... In some neighborhoods where the houses are more spread out, a bike would be useful. Cars are not useful because one must get out each time to photograph or it is more difficult to manoeuver (what a hideous word).

Later on, like next year, he said he would drive by with a laptop and verify the photos, taking new ones if necessary.

He said when he got out early every day he'd be making $800/week (in a dense neighborhood).

I couldn't quite figure out how to sign up on the website... They've got a smart way of doing things so that you pay to occupy virtual territory (and for a software licence). Sounds visa/chaordic like.

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