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Bicycle Universe

Link: http://bicycleuniverse.com/

Michael Bluejay wrote in the last carfree world newletter:

I'm starting the process of moving most of the content from BicycleAustin.info to the new site, BicycleUniverse.com. Most of the content on BicycleAustin is useful to a much larger audience than Austinites so it makes sense to have it on a general domain.

This follows the same path as the newsletter, which went from "Austin Bike News" to "Car-Free World" nearly two years ago. ... The new domain is part of the strategy of making clear that this stuff is for everyone, not just Austinites.

I don't know, if he'll be able to expand well beyond a US focus (not to mention the Earth), but it doesn't hurt to aim high!

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