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Camphill North America

Link: http://www.camphillassociation.org/

In a back issue of Communities Magazine, at Earthaven, I read that in many ways Camphill communities are more "eco" than many of the more modern attempts at ecovillages. Due to the goal of employing their residents, in at least some communities, dinner will be served from food grown in the community on a table made in the community, and so on. In addition, all of the non-volunteer residents are car-free. From their website: "Camphill is dedicated to social renewal through community building with children, youth, and adults who have developmental disabilities. In a time where many are experiencing a crisis of spirit and search for meaning, Camphill offers a life of celebration, service, and community building in which all participants flourish." Further, I was happy to see there is a community (in Soquel) near the place I may be going next (Monterey, CA)

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