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Living where there are no cars

Some thoughts on living where there are no cars using primitive skills and a nomadic lifestyle in the Eastern United States. In particular, the C&O canal (180 miles of beautiful carfreeness), the Appalachian Trail (Maine to Georgia, & intersects with the canal), and the intercoastal waterway (Norfolk, VA to Florida). Also, links to finding animal/humanpower farms to work on, until I find a better place to put them.

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In my thoughts about where to go as a carfree person, often by bicycle, I realized that due to my form of transportation (bicycle), I would very often be places where there were cars! In fact, it was the Society of American Wheelmen (bicyclists) and the railroads who joined efforts to get the first high-quality roads built in the US.

If one broadens one's perspectives, might there be ways of spending most of one's life where there aren't cars?

Recently I went on a campout by bicycle along the C&O canal, which is beautiful & carfree, and I imagined learning how to fish, and to hunt/trap better, and in the summers simply going and living along the Potomac. I imagine also walking out the canal until it gets to the Appalachian Trail, and then walking south to beat the cold before November.

Another option might be taking a canoe/ other small boat down the Potomac, and then head south on the intracoastal waterway, fishing / scavenging for food / water.

(The goals are to be able to be where there aren't cars, and to not have to buy food, and to be able to go south before it gets too cold.)

Chip at Bellehaven Marina said he and his friends have thought about rafting down the Mississippi.

A guy I found on the IC reachbook (http://reach.ic.org) is fixing up a steel sailboat with some friends-- a seafaring community. http://article.gmane.org/gmane.politics.activism.carfreeecovillages/60 (at the bottom)

What other ideas do people have along the lines of living where there are no cars? Any rural area is an option-- say heading to the jungles of Belize or Madagascar.

Then, I got to thinking about farming, and trying to find farms run without motorized equipment to volunteer/ work on.



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