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SD-URBAN discussion list and Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C-3)

Link: http://c3sandiego.org/

Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 is an old group, still active, and following it up leads to interesting links.

C-3 (Citizens Coordinate for Century 3):

  • Is a group of informed citizens who voice their concerns about regional planning issues. It has played an important role in shaping public policy since 1961.
  • Encourages a comprehensive approach to growth management issues: open spaces, high standards of urban design in the revitalization of downtown and neighborhoods, and coordination of planning between public and private sectors.
  • Is active in many San Diego regional projects such as the Toward Permanent Paradise project which provides a contemporary vision of the San Diego region's future.
  • Pulls together a membership of old San Diego money and new San Diego politics to get across a viewpoint of how San Diego should be planned.

Allan Hoffman with The Mission Group may be a member of C-3.

Backing up on the URL brings us to the San Diego Urban Environment discussion list:

NOTE: to subscribe to the list, send an email to Listserver -at- UCSD.EDU with "subscribe myemail@myhost.org sd-urban" in the body of the message. Leave subject blank.

This list is intended to provide a forum for continuing discussion of local design issues such as land use, preservation, urban design and the design of new public buildings.

Historical, economic and political issues are germane to understanding such current dilemmas as a plan for the Embarcadero on the downtown waterfront, the design for a new central library, and the implications of the Multiple Species Conservation Program.

For my part, while it has never been my profession, I have had an interest in architecture and urban design for as long as I can remember. ... As our city unfolds, I am committed to joining with others to find creative solutions to our urban design issues.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to the list and share your thoughts regarding San Diego's urban environment.

All list members are invited to participate in a respectful discussion. (Please note that name-calling (flames) and commercial advertisements are inappropriate on the list and will cause removal from the list.)

When you RESPOND to a message on the list, you need to ADDRESS your reply to the list (or cc the list) at SD-URBAN -at- UCSD.EDU, otherwise your message will go only to the person who wrote the original message.

Please feel free to contact me any time if you have questions. Looking forward to seeing you on-line!

Carolyn Myhre, List owner

This list is very active--maybe 20 emails a day, so set a filter. Carolyn Chase of San Diego EarthFair fame has been posting news stories of interest from various San Diego papers. There is not an archive that I know of.

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