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cflit media campaign discussion list

Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cflit/

It is pretty quiet right now and only has two members, but I wanted to add a link to it. Here's info from the list description:

We discuss strategies for expressing the carfree vision in a compelling way to diverse audiences with a particular focus on the creative arts (as opposed to public policy and political activism, though the dividing line is not a clear one...).

Discussion includes strategies for publishing/ producing and marketing mass media events and content. Initial focus is on thriller/page-turner type novels. We're also open to discussing plots and details for plays, screen plays, internet fad sites, popular song groups and so on...

If the list ever takes off in all those areas, it may have to split into more lists.

The main purpose of this list is to avoid swamping http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/carfree_network with posts about thriller novel plots...

While I mention all types of media in this description, my particular interest is literature, so I've called the list "cflit."

I should probably get this to be archived elsewhere besides yahoo... maybe someday

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