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Carfree Seattle

Link: http://www.thinksmall.org/car-free/

Be sure to visit "Your Guide to Going Car-Free," which has short bios of carfree and nearly car-free people.

Carfree Seattle is but a small part of the global carfree movement, an ongoing campaign aimed at making automobiles obsolete in urban areas where population density favors mass transit and other more efficient and environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as walking, bussing, cycling. Overuse of automobiles makes people lazy and antisocial. It also fosters a dependence on oil resources which has short-circuited America's foreign policy while totally screwing the environment. Any move away from auto dependency is a step towards sanity and sustainability. The future is in your hands. Your every action has an impact. Carpool, ride mass transit, walk, bike. The phasing out of the automobile is an evolutionary step.


Who Do We Think We Are?

We are a loose coalition of artists, students, parents, teachers, children, and alternative transportation activists organizing to spread the idea that cars are a problem. Cars suck and we demand better options.

The goal of this website is to provide information and materials to spread the car-free concept. We seek to empower and enable individuals to make positive changes in their local communities. We need your help.

Distribute flyers, hang posters, share information. Lead by example. Take the initiative. No one is going to do it for you. Your participation is the solution.

A better world is possible.

Car-free Goals:

  • Raise awareness of alternative transportation, especially non-motorized modes
  • Reclaim the streets with fun events
  • Celebrate walkable communities
  • Send the message that cities should be organized around PEOPLE, not cars
  • Provide a networking opportunity for alternative transportation activists
  • Set a precedent for other communities to follow

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