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The Carfree Universe Project (CFU) has been archived.
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SLO carfree activism announcement list

Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cfslo/

This is a one-way (newsletter-type) email list for people who wish to be informed about San Luis Obispo area carfree activism.

If there is demand for a general discussion listserv (I hope there is) it is easy to start another.

Specific projects ideas include:

  • organizing educational presentations (such as for the June 5 2004 GreenEarth festival)
  • starting a local affiliate of America Walks!
  • starting a U.S. affiliate of the World Carfree Network.
  • finding ways to support the carfreecity.us project.
  • supporting carfree and pedestrian-friendly development in SLO County.
  • Establishing an ecovillage along the lines of Earthaven with the goal of developing an entirely carfree village economy of 200 or more people.

And any other ideas you might have.

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Location: World, United States, California
xregion: San Luis Obispo County

Topics: discussion list, ecovillages, walking

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