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Blue Chill

How landscape affects behavior. If I could make it interesting for us both I would/will continue the trip along the running route. I open the iron grated door step onto cement walk. Survey dawn over Seminole Dr. Not drawn to walk, I return inside, knowing, I'd be walking were I in ________. Dented glass -> ocean. Blue chill plain -> dawn sky.

Added by colin #442 on 2004-02-06. Last modified 2004-02-06 00:28. Originally created 2004-02-06. F0 License: Attribution
Location: World, United States, California, San Diego, College Heights
Topics: poetry

Iron port opening, blue chill plain
On black base. Step cement sole skin
Iron port closing, hy dry heat
Hit Eye. CARPET.
Far away, Monterey, body
walks on.

Blue chill plain

Over sensuous sine

Colors dented glass.

Colin Leath <>    

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