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How To Live Well Without Owning A Car by Chris Balish

Link: http://gettextbooks.com/isbn/1580087574

This is by Chris Balish. Earlier he asked for input. Wonderful!

The following is from the publishers page, which has pdfs of the first two chapters and table of contents that you can download. Here's google on the title too.

Avoid the gas pump! Cut expenses! Reduce debt! Simplify your life!

How To Live Well Without Owning A Car is a new nonfiction book by award-winning journalist and author Chris Balish. The book suggests taking a different path--a car-free path. The program in this book will show you how to live a full, active life without owning a car. And without a car to pay for, practically anyone can get out of debt, save money, and even achieve financial freedom. The truth is that tens of millions of working Americans do not need to own a car.

There's no doubt that cars, trucks, and SUVs are useful tools. They provide instant, on-demand transportation at a moment's notice. They can haul heavy loads and help you run errands. And they can whisk you out of town for a weekend away. That's why this book does not suggest that you never use a car or never ride in one. This book simply argues that millions of Americans can get along just fine and save a fortune by not owning a car. When you do need one you can rent or use car sharing.

Living car-free in America is not difficult, but it does require some mild lifestyle changes. This book will walk you through the process step by step. The strategies in this book will help put you on the car-free path to financial freedom; or, if you do not wish to get rid of your car entirely, they'll help you save money by using your car less. So even if living "car-free" isn't your style, this book can show you how to live happily "car-lite."

About The Author

Chris Balish is an award-winning feature writer, reporter, and six-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist. He began his writing career working for Writer's Digest magazine and Writer's Digest Books. Since 1995 he has been a full-time reporter and television news anchor. Chris is the recipient of more than thirty awards for excellence in journalism and writing, including six regional Emmy Awards. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

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