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Cutting Your Car Use:

Link: http://cuttingyourcaruse.co.uk/

Save Money, Be Healthy, Be Green! by Anna Semlyen

A pocket size book on changing travel habits Britain's first personal traffic reduction guide.

Packed with constructive, easy to follow, best practice advice. 96 pages, updated Autumn 2003. Over 30,000 sold.


People and organisations who want to reduce their car use and those who want to give up car ownership altogether

Contents -

  • Introduction
  • Why cut your car use?
  • How are you using your car?
  • Looking at the alternatives
  • Changing your travel habits
  • Making better use of your car
  • Living without a car
  • Getting active
  • Talking to your employer
  • References
  • Directory

The UK directory has 206 information sources with addresses, phone numbers, web sites & emails.

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Topics: transitioning to carfree

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