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"Asheville Band Travels Through North Carolina on Bikes" and The ACRC Recyclery

Bands seeking to leave the car behind on their tours keep popping up. Pete (stickerguy.com) has a label he's been trying to get to tour car-free. Well these guys (the deadthings) have actually done it! Not only that but they help run the Recyclery at the Asheville Community Resource Center on Lexington Street in dowtown Asheville. If you need to do some work on your bike, stop in there and volunteer and I'm pretty sure they'll let you use their tools.

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I'd hoped to just add a link, but since several are necessary, here's the

There's a bit of information about the Asheville Community Resource Center (ACRC) on their projects page. The ACRC also houses EarthFirst!, the prison books program, a community reading room, the Asheville Free School and is all-in-all a very cool place putting Asheville up there in my mind with the activist-infested town of Arcata, California. The ACRC is on 70 N Lexington Ave.

Some more on the logistics of their tour.

"Oil: The biggest contradiction in DIY punk culture.
We’ve always been dependent on it, though there are
alternatives, we haven’t seemed to used them yet.  In
May, Dead Things, in an attempt to prove that DIY
punks can do things more sustainably, communally, and
collectively, is leaving the van behind, giving a
finger to Shell, Exxon, and all the other companies
that have been destroying our planet and coopting our
lives for profit.  We’re getting on our bikes and
pedaling our way around the south."

 Lyrics to their song:


River road, it streaches far and narrow, my wheels are bald and my brakes worn thin. The road is winding as the cracks open wide for me, they're trying to swallow me whole. The thorns and the briars scratch at my side as I try to ride on by. There in the bike lane I think of you, trying to make time.

In the bike lane, it's my place and I'll fight 'till the death before you take it away. The price on my head keeps rising every day as I cut off another car on my way to your place. The bike lane always leads to my baby. The bike lane always takes me home.

Some awesome images: (or just visit their comics page, but that is taking forever to load for me.)

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