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Coast to Coast for Camp Courageous

Link: http://www.freewebs.com/rideforcamp/followmealongmytrek.htm

"My bicycle tour across the country to benefit Camp Courageous of Iowa" I met Dusty after coming down a near-vertical four miles at Vesuvius off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.... He was planning to do a double century the next day. He made it across the country in 37 days (on a triangle frame!!)!! not something I'd recommend. I was reminded of his site after doing a search for "carfreeuniverse" and it does appear he is an uber athlete of sorts. Congratulations Dusty! Camphill.org and Sally Fallon come to mind... (you've got to eat right to keep riding like that)

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Location: World, United States, Iowa, Monticello
Topics: cycling

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