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Dvorak with Spanish characters for Windows 2000 +

Link: http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/dvorakspanchars/kbdvspc.zip

I've been dealing with trying to type Spanish characters in various applications on Windows 2000 using the dvorak layout. Thanks to Matt Frear's work, I was able to make a layout of my own... All my problems are not fixed, however as vim is doing strange things with some of the deadkeys (instead of making "" it produces "' 1", for example). But, here's my layout. It includes characters such as and (¡ and ¿) and (ü) that Matt's does not. It also does not use the ` character or let you make any of the characters with the accent grave—this layout is only for Spanish.

I do wish I were using linux, but until I have time to see how suspend to disk works on my laptop with the new kernels—a project I'd rather avoid, though time costs of dealing with windows are adding up—I'm stuck dealing with the MS OS. One thing I've done to get some more exposure to Spanish is to change all the UIs I can to that language. Unfortunately, unlike with Linux, it costs $$ to legally switch the win2k OS base langage to Spanish.

Note that I associated this keyboard layout with the Spanish (Spain) language, unlike what Matt did with his.

On the Macintosh OS X it is easy to type these characters even in the dvorak layout. I have heard that newer versions of windows come with a dvorak international layout.

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