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Scarves Wrap Necks

We were to create a sonnet or 16 lines in heroic couplets. I thought it would be easy to do, so I started in Feb, though it wasn't due till May. It took me all day.

Added by colin #442 on 2004-06-15. Last modified 2005-01-11 23:35. Originally created 2004-06-15. F0 License: Attribution
Location: World, United States, California, San Diego, College Heights
Topics: personal
: engl549, poetry

Colin Leath
Engl 549
The Poem

Scarves Wrap Necks

The shining sun looks on thru cloud-free sky.
Below, we are in winter warm and dry.
In other parts, we hear of snow and sleet—
But not here! We can walk in our bare feet!
So while our friends in Maine sit ‘round warm stoves,
We read under trees, and we don’t need gloves!
But there are plusses to the snow, some say.
Some do not wish for sun and warmth always.
They love to see the seasons come and go.
They say the cold is fine— just wear more clothes!
I feel they are right (in some small degree).
Frost, ice, and skaters’ breath I loved to see.
And being snug and warm inside four walls,
Safe from cold winds, snow blasts, and hard snowballs
Is nice! I need not miss one thing, altho.
For scarves wrap necks both here, and in the snow!

Colin Leath <>    

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