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Electric Warriors bike happenings (w/ the Cretins, the Nutter Buckets, and the Kutters)

About the bike happenings and the day I found the bike prom.

Added by colin #442 on 2007-02-21. Last modified 2007-02-21 23:02. Originally created 2007-02-21. F0 License: Attribution
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I happened upon the Bike Prom / Fuck Valentine's Day last Sunday. They had turned the Park and University intersection into a massive bicycle traffic circle.

I have never seen so many riders (100+).

I'm not sure how to find out when the next rides are, but I'll email and ask. (Subscribing to the myspace blog [see below] may do the trick.)

I don't know how they manage to get such a turnout, nor where all the young San Diegans eager to dress up and ride bikes come from. A wonderful and city-changing event. The last time I was in such a crowd of peaceful riders with twinkling lights on a peaceful ride was in Copenhagen.

Show up and maybe you won't feel like moving to SF, Portland, or Seattle any more (if you were. . . ).

Some police did show up--but only after we got to where we were going.

See also:

On this day, I also went to the fungus fair, the Hillcrest farmer's market, and a school garden at Birney Elementary, and the rainbow drumming in Balboa Park. At the fungus fair I met unexpectedly Graham Mackintosh, whose book I had just finished two days earlier and was carrying in my bike pannier. . . I got some Tempeh Culture from Dennis Sharmahd of Southern Sun Farm. I met Ron. . . who has a hair salon at Adams and 30th, I think, and told me about growing shrooms and Kintaro Walks Japan Wurst (I've yet to see it); Charles, who knows about a community garden being started by Kasara (?) near 54th and Univ. I saw an amazing video on fungi identification by Taylor Lockwood. I played my first instrument at the rainbow drum circle. . . Over the course of the day I met the two Julias and the one Julie of sdfoodnotlawns. And Barry Logan.

And I saw a bike steered by a broomstick. etc. etc. . . The sex toy shop-- rubber rose, and a tattooed guy in only his bvds screaming "we are one" (?) as part of a band (at the rubber rose) with throbbing music/nonmusic.


When the riders stopping traffic at intersections are either wearing tuxedos/business suits or resembling dreaded, pierced, face-tatooed neo-tribal bike warriors, drivers (and me!) are left wondering.

One of the previous ride themes was "cops and robbers," I believe.

At the rubber rose, not only did they have a "cultivating food justice" flyer, but also a no border camp flyer.

My contribution to the scene was as the only lowrider (reynolds weld lab round tube) recumbent with helmet lights.

The guy in a suit with a homemade handcycle and crutches getting a push up the hill on Adams near Texas was cool.

This is not supposed to be about my day though. . . (copied from the myspace site:)

The Electric Warriors is a night to escape the confines of cars, it is a night to behold our city, to savor the air in our face, to feel the ground beneath our wheels, to know that there is something more to San Diego than tourist attractions and over priced condos. The Electric Warriors is a group for friends, to make friends, to be with friends. The Electric Warriors is for everyone who knows San Diego is much more beautiful on a bike, it is for everyone who wants to unite and spend one night laughing, being boisterous and jovial, connecting, and most importantly feeling something other than the daily dredge of life. The Electric Warriors is a movement to take back the streets, if not just for one night, at least forever in our memories.

The Electric warriors is a group designed to bring together all of San Diego bike people under the common goal of fun. Many of you have ridden with other groups, many of you have not. This group is for the sole purpose of friendship, to motivate others to bike more often, and of course to have fun. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly bike rides.

Colin Leath <>    

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