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Enjoy Car Free Days!

Link: http://www.car-free-days.org/

This is about pledging to have your own carfree days, in addition to participating on world carfree day.

Car Free Days Campaign

Scientists and the world's governments agree. Our carbon emissions are responsible for the dramatic rise in global temperatures. We are already seeing the consequences and it is time to act. Governments and scientists can't solve this problem alone. Each one of us is responsible. And each one of us must be part of the solution.

This web site shows you how you can make a difference. You'll discover many ways to reduce your personal carbon emissions and lower your impact on global warming. You'll find fun, healthy activities that can bring more joy to your life while helping the planet. And you'll have the opportunity to be part of a world-wide pledge taken by concerned people like you to reduce their impact on the planet by driving less.

One focus of this campaign is to encourage people to enjoy Car Free Days as often as they can.

We won't solve this problem unless each person contributes. Please join us by doing your part to reduce global warming. The entire planet and future generations are counting on you.

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