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GrannyD walks across US at age 90 for campaign reform

Link: http://grannyd.com/

She was mentioned in http://www.talkingbirdspress.com/colmeu16.html Walking Across America in My Ninetieth Year is one of her books. I've heard that the campaign law the supreme court failed to overturn is not good for third parties... but I'm not certian. Do you have more details on how she walks? At 10 miles a day, I'm wondering how much car use (if any) was necessary to keep going.

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Location: World, United States
Topics: activism, walking, women

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   GrannyD walks across US at age 90 for campaign reform, by colin on 2003-12-25 13:06:39

GrannyD's son replies:

Colin, she walked 10 miles a day for 14 mths to accrue 3200miles. Each day her support van would take her to her stopping point of the previous day and she would walk another 10. The driver would then drive ahead and beg housing and food for the nite drive back and resuply water and trail mix answer call to her cell phone.Somedays there would be 20 or more people walking with her and some days she walked alone .In the heat Tx in july in ablizzard in Md she walked.You can pick can pick up a copy of her just reissued in paper back. jim

Thanks Jim!

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