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Indigenous Cultures - Survival International

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigenous_peoples

Since I read Savages, by Joe Kane, and all the other books I mention in my third update, and, more recently, Endgame, by Derrick Jensen, I have been more aware that car culture is destroying other cultures that do not use cars.

I first added Survival International, an organization noted by George Monbiot, to the list of links on the main page. Now I want to reference a more extensive list of organizations seeking to help indigenous cultures avoid destruction. For now, I will link to the wikipedia category of Indigenous Rights Organizations.

Here is Survival International.

I ordered some documents from Survival. They arrived almost a month later (and my emails sent asking when I might receive it went unanswered). Here are some of my reactions:

. . . it seems to be a true history of the world (of the indigenous peoples), and of the beauty of real people in the world. Among the most memorable at the moment is a map of Siberia with 30+ names of indigenous nations scattered all over it.

And I thought there was no one there. . .

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