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John Akre's carfree 2005 diary

Link: http://www.sloppybooks.com/carfree2005/

Be sure to visit the rest of his sloppybooks site.

He writes:

I cannot separate the act of riding in a car in the United States from complicity in the war in Iraq and in global warming. A ride in a car is a bomb aimed at innocent civilians. A ride in a car is a rising ocean erasing ancient civilizations from coasts and lowlands. When I ride in a private car I am complicit in the genocide, I have become the bomb blast. I do not want this killing, this world-ending in my name, so I will pledge to avoid cars, so I will pledge to avoid rides. I will make a quiet pledge to a carfree 2005.
I don't quite understand... he's had a carfree home page online since 1998 at least... so who's writing the diary? or did he get a car after he wrote his carfree life page, and is now doing without again? He seems to have written whole novels against the car...

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