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The Carfree Universe Project (CFU) has been archived.
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George wrote such a good description of the group that I'm taking the liberty of copying it here.

If you want to be added, ask me, and I'll ask George. My original intention was that each person would start their own group for their own group of friends. But postings have been so few (none between June 2004 and January 10, 2005) we could use more members in ours.


Be amongst friends (and friends of friends) who are actively learning to live a life true to ourselves our callings in this world.

We're not concerned about “perfection” but rather, about learning, growing, doing what we can to fulfill our highest visions for ourselves and for our world. And, our individual visions won't be exactly the same... the benefit of diversity is to learn from one another!

Wouldn't it be cool if such knowledge were archived... and weren't so overwhelming?


Send us an update once every 3 months (no more) about what you're learning working on in the journey to live true to yourself and your calling in the world.

LearningOrg will only accept 1 message per member every 3 months. If you want to respond to someone else's message, please put your reply within your own LearningOrg update, or respond to them privately.

To keep the quality of the content high, this is an invitation-only group.

I'll make sure you get no more than 1 LearningOrg message per day.

LearningOrg was inspired by Colin Leath's idea of a place to “share the most important things you have learned; challenge yourself with queries. What are your dreams for yourself? For society?” His original idea can be found here.

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