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List of mailing lists

A list of carfree lists and some other lists of interest to the author.

Added by colin #442 on 2003-06-14. Last modified 2005-08-15 19:49. Originally created 2003-06-14. F1 License: Public Domain
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Change Log

What is the point of participating in discussion lists? Writing seems to help develop one's own thought processes and thus one's plans for the future. One can also get support and helpful information from other list participants.


Carfree lists

The Eric Britton Collection

Expert Fora

If you have other lists to add, make a comment below (quickest) or email me.

Lists tangential to carfreedom

Non-carfree lists I was once interested in and may check on occasion. (this page is meant to make it easier to do just that):


Learning Orgs / Fostering personal, cultural, & community Vision


Po Bronson-inspired




Primitive skills





Change log

2004-02-16-0609 Added links to craigslist, LondonIntegralCircle, integralcommunity, UEVN, IshActivist, LearningOrg, ourishmaelvision, and the pobronson stuff. Updated links to carfreeworld, derrickjensen.

2004-03-11-0747 added walkable communities listserve.

2004-04-10-2007 added link to sprawlwatch newsletter

2004-05-24-1345 added bioregional list and cflit (carfree media / literature / propaganda)

2004-05-29-1730 added eric britton collection and pednet.

2004-06-24-1507 added integral san diego list and table of contents

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