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Lord, Mr. Ford, what have you done?

I love it. Written by Dick Feller, the easiest recording to find online is by Jerry Reed. Yet there are translations of the song in several languages... be the first to tell me about a translation and recording (a link or means of finding the file) that I don't know about.

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Thanks to memyi for this find. First, a distraction:
Through the years Dick Feller has also written and performed a number of commercials for different companies and products, such as the Dodge TV commercial Do You Like Trucks?, and the Pepsi jingle By Any Other Name. His Dodge Truck National TV commercial Little Boy's Dream even won a price as the best commercial of the year.
Dick Feller himself says: "The nice part about it is that writing about that car made enough money to buy another car! Don'tcha love this country?"
Dick Feller wrote the song, and the easiest recording to find is by  Jerry Reed.


Well, if you're one of the millions who own one of them gas drinking, piston clinking, air polluting, smoke belching, four wheeled buggies from Detroit City, then pay attention; I'm about to sing your song son.

 Now I'm not a man to point or judge
To bear ill-will or hold a grudge
But I think it's time I said a few choice words
About that demon, the automobile
The metal monster with the polyglass wheels
The end result of a dream of Henry Ford
Sure I've got a car that's mine alone
That me and the finance company own
A ready made pile of manufactured grief
If I'm not outa gas in the pourin' rain
I'm changin' a flat in a hurricane
And I once spent a weekend lost on a cloverleaf

It's not just the smoke or the traffic jam
That makes me the bitter fool I am
But that four-wheeled buggy is a-dollarin' me to death
For gas and oil, fluids and grease
Wires and tires and anti-freeze
And then them excessories ...
Well, that' s something else
You can get stereo tape and a color TV
Backseat bar and reclining seats
On top of those "Easy Monthly Payments!"
I figure that over a period of time
This twenty-thousand dollar car of mine
Cost' ninety-seven-thousand dollars and 48 cents!

Well, Lord, Mr. Ford, I just wish that you could see
What your simple horse-less carriage has become
It seems your contribution to man
To say the least, got outa hand ...
Lord, Mr. Ford, what have you done?

Now the average American father and mother
Own one whole car and half another
And I'll bet that "half a-car" is a trick to drive!
But the thing that amazes me I guess
Is the way we measure a man's success
By the kind of automobile that he can buy
Well, it's red light, green light, traffic cop
Right turn, no turn, must turn, stop ..
Get out the credit card it's time for gas
All the cars of the world placed end to end
Would reach to the moon and back again
And there'd probably be some fool pull out to pass

Half Chorus:
Lord, Mr. Ford, I just wish that you could see
What your simple horse-less carriage has become ..

Oh, how I long for the good ol' days
Without that carbon dioxide* haze
A-hangin' over that roar on the interstates
If the One who made the moon and stars
Woulda meant for me and you to have cars
He'd a-seen that we was born with a parkin' space!

Last Chorus:
Lord, Mr. Ford, I just wish that you could see
What your simple horse-less carriage has become
This world was once a garden spot
But now it's one big parkin' lot
Lord, Mr. Ford, what have you done?

Come away with me, Lucille
In my smokin', chokin' automobile!

*seems Feller wrote "monoxide," but Reed sings "dioxide." Poetically, you can hear why.


RealAudio [493kb]
A better quality recording can be found using Shareaza (look for an audio file with "lord ford" in title, and be patient). (Lord, Mr. Ford - Jerry Reed.mp3 [3,092kb])


  • Dick Feller, google
  • google on Jerry Reed
  • Be sure to visit the page on Dick Feller's site about LordMrFord. There you'll find hints of how to find the recordings of the song in other languages. One hint, use something like google.sk not google.com. I found some lyrics in Nordic, but not any recordings.
  • This also came up... can anyone tell me what bilrim.no is up to?

Hei Henri Ford

From Ræga Råkkers Pærkele 2002 site:


Jeg er vel slett ikke bedre enn de fleste
Jeg kjøpte meg bil og håpet det beste
Og tenkte at når blir livet som i reklamen
Med lekre tjei på forskjerm og panser
For huma suser der musa danser
Men drømmen sprakk som en drøm om en god eksamen

For bensing og olje og frostvæsker
Kaster mer enn et bilass med konfektesker
Og smaker ikke halvparten så godt

Og sommerdekk og vinterdekk og pærer og felger
Koster like mye som det motoren svelger
Også alt ekstrautstyret som er så flott

Ja du får automatgir og ligge seter
Nakkestøtte og ryggelys og tusenmeter
Pent fordelt over fire-og-tjue små mån'ter
Ja jeg regna ut at i løpet av et år
Hadde den bilen jeg ga førti tusen for
Kasta mere flesk enn det Reksten må låne

Hei, Henry Ford hva har du gjort
Bytta til deg bileksos mot heste lort
Det var jo så godt ment, men nå er alt for sent
For fremskrittet har gått så alt for fort

En gjennomsnints Nordmann med gjennomsnints gasje
Har tre kvart bil, og en halv garasje
To svin på skauen og drøm om hytte på Hurum
Har ikke tro på gud, og ikke 'no særlig på djevelen
Men at Bilsakkyndig er begges stedfortreder
Og salige er de som får parkert bilen i sentrum

80, 50, forbikjøring forbudt, 90, 70, motorveien slutt
Frem med sjekkheftet mor, her kommer Feiring
Gjennomkjøring, parkering, stopp forbudt
Forenklet forelegg i plast konvolutt
Finner vi'kke ett sted å stå går vi tom for bensin

Jo jeg lengter etter gamle dager,
Med trehjul og hestemøkk og bestefar
Den gang skinn var skinn,
Og glass var glass og ikke lagd av plast

Og hvis han som var sjef den gang verden ble til
Hadde ment at du og jeg skulle hatt bil
Ville alle barn blitt født med parkeringsplass

Hei Henry Ford ........

Bli med meg på tur i det blå
I min gjennomrusta avskilta Peugeot


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