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a poster proposal

This is an example of a visual meant to create awareness of and demand for the carfree ideal... propaganda, marketing, visionary art, however you wish to call it. This was designed with creating a compelling display for a greenfestival in mind. Costs for printing things like this can be expensive... Not to mention actually figuring out how to make the poster and produce a reasonable-quality large-scale print...

I'd put some text like website urls in the lower right.

The basic Idea was copied from the andy singer cartoon on the front of http://carfreecity.us... the full version of that cartoon has a quip about dividing the city into driving and non-driving sections... I saw that cartoon online somewhere. (In carfree seattle's "your guide to going carfree" http://www.thinksmall.org/car-free/ )

Thanks to Joel Crawford's carfree.com for the following images:

  • http://www.carfree.com/cpix/9usa0125.jpg
  • http://www.carfree.com/cpix/7ven2322.jpg
  • and the reference district

Thanks (did not ask permission) to http://jenniferyork.com/images5/cloverleaf.jpg for the cloverleaf. Incidentally, Joel's cloverleaf city plan (http://www.carfree.com/zzz_about.html) might be a better image for the lower right.

I made it on a mac using adobe illustrator which so far has worked very well and it was easy to do.

Dimensions of the poster are 24" x 36". This should cost under $15 to print on photo satin paper at 300 dpi (or maybe it was higher?).

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a poster proposal

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