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PRO-URB list on the practice of new urbanism

Link: http://www.listserv.uga.edu/archives/pro-urb.html

This is the main list for discussion of new urbanist topics. It is very high-volume—as many as 10 messages/day—with over 650 members. You'll need to petition the list owner to be added as a member and to see the archives (write a bit about the reason for your interest). Some other new urbanist lists that do / did not require membership approval are:

Here are the list guidelines for pro-urb:

  1. no more than 2 messages per day unless forwarding material without comment (newspaper articles, weblinks, etc)
  2. no one liners like "I agree" or "thank you for that"
  3. send messages meant for an individual or a few subscribers off-list, not to the entire group
  4. no flaming. Be nice
  5. IMPORTANT: STAY ON TOPIC: urbanism, codes, city planning, technical issues like transit/transportation, issues of design and architecture related to urbanism, and such, and avoid discussions that are rehashes from days of yore (e.g. Seaside and picket fences, NU and nostalgia). Philosophical observations are welcome, so long as they directly pertain to the topic of urbanism and the list's defined issues.
  6. REMEMBER THAT Pro-Urb is NEW URBANISM SEMINAR 5010, it is not New Urbanism 101. As such, submissions must be substantive. Questions about real problems to solicit solutions and discussion by experts are welcome. However, please do not post questionnaires.
  7. You may post images 100KB or less, and if you have a question about images, please contact me off-list before you post.
  8. If you accidentally send a posting meant for an individual to the list, please do not post an apology for doing so back to the list.
  9. JOB POSTINGS, RFQ's, and RFP's of interest to the list are welcome. Please do not post resumes or job solicitations by individuals. Faculty may send out brief statements if they have graduating students they feel are particularly qualified for employment in the field, with a request for potential employers to contact offlist.

If you have problems posting, unsubscribing, or changing settings on your subscription, please contact the list owner. She'll be happy to help.

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