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probicycle - vehicular cycling advocacy

Link: http://probicycle.com

I hate being around cars on a bicycle, so I cannot advocate anything but carfree environments... and I will ride a bike for recreation (pleasure, enjoyment) on separated (car-free) bike trails / paths, but not on roads.

For some reason these vehicular cyclist folks like to make a lot of noise. Tom Frost Jr. with his BICYCLISTS' RIGHTS TRIAD is one, and the head guy is John Forester.

Jack Taylor of Bicycle Georgia seems to be the one behind probicycle.

Holy hell, I just found out that John Forester lives only a few miles from where I was living in San Diego, and where my grandma still is. Maybe I'll visit him. I'm skeptical of anyone who lives in such a place (I may have walked right by his house when working at the Lemon Grove st. fair), and who calls himself a bicycle advocate. But who knows maybe he's carfree (I'd be amazed). I think he lives in one of the worst places imaginable, but he is close to the trolley stop.

Facilities activism focuses on creating paths for peds and cyclists separated from roads... I hope to have something on the whole greenway movement written up on this site in a bit.

The discussion list corresponding to probicycle.com is is at http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/chainguard/.

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