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Personal Rapid Transit Systems: a car on a stick

Link: http://www.roadkillbill.com/PRTisaJoke.html

Send an email to the carfree groups announcing that you're starting a new project, and you are very likely to get an email like the one I paste below. We should consider the possibility of learning something from PRT advocates, but, in general, what the Carfree City is about is "access by proximity" not about fancy transit systems. You don't need any public transit but a public pedestrian street, with room for hand-pushed freight carts, to have a beautiful carfree city. There may however be situations where these systems are useful.

Jerry Schneider writes:

I hope your group will also consider examining a variety of non-auto modes, capable of providing auto-competitive mobility without many of the negative impacts of the auto. I see most of them being compatible with the auto-free concept and American lifestyles.

My ITT website includes descriptions of more than 80 emerging systems from around the world. Some are operational, some are under development and some are still conceptual. All are electric, environmentally benign, low cost, easy to quickly construct and useful for both intercity and intracity travel. A quick overview is provided by four Photoindex pages. Links to details are available at the List of Systems page

Current leaders include:

Jerry Schneider, Professor Emeritus, U of Washington, Seattle - Innovative Transportation Technologies

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