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Purveyor of my current cycle: the Wishbone RT. The new T-bone looks like it addresses the boom flex issue of the RT. Comfortable, fast, durable, light. I do get toe numbness, and wimpy arms, but as recumbents go, it's one of the lowest you can get that is US made. I've ridden mine in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Monaco, Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York City, Washington DC. Long rides: SF to San Diego; San Remo, Italy to Malmo Sweden; New York City to Washington DC. If I were getting a bike now, I'd get a Thys Rowing bike. Though I suppose I'd prefer to row, walk, or swim than cycle on roads with cars. Pictures of me on /near the bike in:

Note that the last I've ridden that thing was Earthday 2004 to get to Balboa Park (San Diego) and back... Now I go by foot. It is easier to find pleasant places to sleep and to walk away from traffic that way.

and here's Google on Reynolds Weld Labs.

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