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A ride for the climate: a bicycle tour through the Americas to raise awareness of climate change

Link: http://www.rideforclimate.com/home.php

David Kroodsma is riding from Palo Alto, California to the southern tip of South America. He was mentioned in the San Diego Union Tribune on Wednesday, November 16 2005.

I am riding to raise awareness of climate change and how it will affect the Americas. Climate change may cause massive extinctions, losses in agriculture, increased risks of malaria, stronger hurricanes, rising sea levels, and even potentially the end of the Amazon rainforest. Furthermore, climate change will be worse for less wealthy tropical nations than it will be for wealthier nations such as the United States. I am giving presentations in schools before and during this trip, and I am meeting with researchers and environmental groups in each country. My goals are educational, but I hope that you will take action.

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