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Rylander Homesite - Lower Rosy Branch Neighborhood - June 2004

Attached is a photo of our house in progress. We have installed the strawbales on the roof for insulation and have epdm over them. We will now put dirt on top. WE have made about 2,000 adobe brick with a cinva ram press. We will now start up with our adobe, cob, clay straw slip, and cordwood walls. Our pond is about half full. The side of the mountain is tall with grasses and weeds. We have various fruit trees and grapes planted. Hopefully we will have the house and greenhouse basically finished in about two months. Rod

Added by colin #442 on 2004-06-30. Last modified 2004-06-30 01:21. Originally created 2004-06-30. F1 License: Attribution
Location: World, United States, North Carolina, Black Mountain, Earthaven
Topics: green building

Rylander Homesite - Lower Rosy Branch Neighborhood - June 2004

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