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San Diego Transit Rider's Union

Link: http://www.sdtru.org/

San Diego Transit Riders United is an organization of transit riders and supporters formed to provide a voice for transit in San Diego County. We invite transit riders, those who would take transit if they could and organizations that serve constituencies in need of improved transit to join with us.

Transit Riders United is a project of Move San Diego, Inc., a nonprofit organization formed to unite the efforts of Walk San Diego, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, the Sierra Club San Diego Chapter, and San Diego EarthWorks, the organizers of the EarthFair in Balboa Park. Please contact us so we can work together!

Mission Statement

San Diego Transit Riders United is a community of transit riders and supporters dedicated to improving and expanding transit services in San Diego County. We include bus, trolley and train riders as well as those underserved by our current transit system. We seek to engage and represent a diverse community including seniors, the disabled, the economically disadvantaged, urban and suburban commuters, students and San Diego's many ethnic communities. We are united by a desire for a first-class regional transit system. We are committed to empowering transit riders and transit supporters and using grassroots pressure to ensure that elected officials and government agencies improve and implement cost-effective, frequent, and reliable transit in San Diego County.

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