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San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition

Link: http://www.slobikelane.org/

The initial meeting was June 26, 2001 at Hostel Obispo! The coalition, the hostel, and hopedance mag, and the greenearth festival are all reasons I've come here (and the campus, and the openspace, and the train). Note that last I heard you must email Joe Gilpin directly to get added to the announcement list.

From their site:

We're slowly transforming SLO County into a safer and more livable community for cyclist and pedestrian alike!

Our Mission

To transform San Luis Obispo County into a safer and more livable community by promoting cycling and walking for everyday transportation and recreation.

Our Values

  • Public Access to Open Spaces
  • Sustainable Land Use Planning and Urban Development
  • A Healthy Population and Environment
  • Economic Vitality
  • An Efficient Transportation System that Provides Equal Mobility for All

Our Goals

Our Goals for 2004 will be posted shortly

Our Vision

We envision the County of San Luis Obispo as a vibrant community with a vital economy; a community where walking, cycling, and convenient mass-transit make personal mobility safe, simple and fun. Central downtown areas would be designed for pedestrians and cyclists. Well-planned mixed-use neighborhoods would offer a balance of high and low-density housing with commercial resources nearby. Abundant open spaces would make easy access for all. A thriving eco-tourism industry would emphasize the use of public transportation and outdoor recreation.

We also see a future where county residents value and enjoy clean air, active lifestyles, and the natural beauty of their surroundings. Opportunities would abound for people to interact more frequently and courteously in public because they would rely less on the automobile. Pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers would all use our county roads with mutual respect and cooperation.

A majority of students would frequently walk and ride their bikes, and as a result young people of San Luis Obispo County would shift their focus away from automobiles as their primary source of transportation and recreation. Employers would offer incentives to workers to commute to work by bicycle or public transportation. An efficient multi-use tranportation system would make commuting easy by linking the communities of the county to each other, the state, and nation beyond.

More personal and public resources would be channeled into making the county a great place for people to live with less emphasis on accommodation for motor vehicles. Citizens would not only be informed about current events but also eagerly participate in decision-making on all levels with equal say. Visitors and residents alike would appreciate the healthy, harmonious environment of our county.

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Location: World, United States, California
xregion: San Luis Obispo County

Topics: activism, cycling, policy development, urban planning, walking

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