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Ideas for articles on this site

This serves as a repository for ideas until I or someone else gets around to writing them.

Added by colin #442 on 2003-06-27. Last modified 2008-03-05 07:57. Originally created 2003-06-27. F0 License: Attribution
Location: World
Topics: site documentation

  • Need to compile all the philosophy / anarcho primitivist / primitive skills links from ourcultureourcapitol group messages (and friends of colin) into one article on this site... possum living, future primitive, etc. wildup...
  • Diet for carfree people: e.g. how the NBG guy (Martin Kreig) and Jan Lundberg, and I used to be vegan and now are not due (at least in part) to strenuousness of using body for transportation-- and other diet things: some people do fine on fruitarian/raw vegan; westan a price, sally fallon, raw paleo, and so on.
  • Issues with respect to having children and remaining carfree
  • How to brew your own herbal elixirs, beers, wines, meads... (our culture)
  • Famous carfree people in history and present carfree heroes. Joan of Arc and George Washington through Peace Pilgrim and John Francis (planetwalk.org). (also Richard
    , Carfree Crawford, Roadless Randy, Jan Lundberg, Richard Register
    and so on)
  • Famous car-killed people - J-I rodale- russia, date, occasion. Helen Nearing. Peace Pilgrim.
  • How to say carfree / car-free / auto-free in other languages. Useful for doing web searches. Language then word: Dutch: autovrij
  • speaking of searches, adding more good links from google searches to this site. See bookmarks2add.

This is my first use of epoz (edit(wysiwyg)). Seems nice.

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