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The Carfree Movement: a one-minute speech for a green festival

The Carfree Movement: a one-minute speech for a green festival

Added by potato #0 on 2004-05-27. Last modified 2004-05-27 17:44. Originally created 2004-05-23. F0


i agree with what dkorn said. i don't think that you should use the word hatred or anything that will alienate people. people feel that they have to use their cars, that there is no other option, and because of that, they must use them. so, you must enamor them with an alternative.

i would start out the speech with something like this. I think an approach like this will identify with people:

Are you sick of sitting in traffic each day on your way to work? Does it annoy you that you can't walk to the grocery store? Would you like to be able to ride your bicycle without worrying about cars? Would you like it if your kids could safely travel on their own to school, soccer practice, and their piano lessons and you didn't have to chauffer them every day? Would you like to live without the noise and stench of cars?

The carfree movement is trying to create an alternative where people just like yourselves, can live their day to day lives without the automobile. Our goal is not to force anyone out of their cars, but to offer the option of living without cars for those who want to do so.

I know that you will have many questions. Please come to our site so that we can answer them for you.


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