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More comments

Added by colin #442 on 2004-06-10. Last modified 2004-06-10 21:06. Originally created 2004-05-23. F0

Just cleaning out my inbox, and wanted to preserve other comments here. I did not give a speech, but got 50 minutes to facilitate a workshop on "transitioning to carfree (living & environments)" that was attended by 8 - 10 people.

From Randy:

A few suggestions:

  1. Just say you're a member of the carfree movement, since a movement by definition cannot be represented.
  2. A bit odd to depict the movement as a collection of websites. Maybe include group names for World Carfree Network and Carfree City USA. Or maybe a more visual prop would be good.
  3. Would focus less on hatred and restrictions and more on the positive benefits of carfree environments. See the WCN Charter for ideas.

From Murray Foster:

 > I'm representing the carfree movement. Is there anyone
 > else here who does not own a car and who generally
 > avoids using one?

 I think there is a large third category: those who dislike using
 their car, but feel forced to because their city was built around
 automobiles, and their are not enough systems in place to
 avoid this.

 > [raises hand. Depending on response, continues "Thank
 > these people." or (no hands) "Then it's a good thing
 > I'm here!"]
 > We the carfree movement foster a

 Isn't that too strong "productive hatred", how about

 We the carfree movement foster a productive disdain of
 the automobile and environments built for it, and a
 love of carfree living and carfree places. On a broader
 level, we seek to reduce resources devoted
 to moving things around. At our root, we're about


From bicycleguy:

Hello Colin

I may be too late for this response but If not I would not use the word "hatred" It is used way too freely since 911 and its out of place as well or too agro in my view. I can't go back to the article so I will stop here

I wish you good luck with your presentation and the auto free cities campaigns

I also think we have had very little discussion about the small fact that an auto free city might also mean a motor free city which also means pedal power machines like washing machines and tv and computers blenders kitchen robots and everything else we use motors on like turntables at raves and sound systems and floats in parades and festivals. these ar eall the fun things we could do to make a huge difference with climate change campaigns and all the other environmentally friendly things we all like to imagine.



from Kathryn Hughes:

For what it's worth, language like "productive hatred" is possibly too strong. Carfree movement needs some interim goals, like getting people to try a few carfree days when they can, with some creative ideas on how they might do that. Ditching the car entirely won't work for many Californians, at any rate, who have already made too many lifestyle choices to allow them to consider it.

A bit more from David:

i put some suggestions for your one minute speech on your site. i think that it is very important for you to present yourself as mainstream to get people excited. if you start out the speech by saying "is there anyone else who doesn't own a car" then the majority of the people (who i assume own cars) will not pay much attention. check out what i wrote on your site and see what you think.

Thanks for all your feedback. I did use some of the tips in an address to the SLO City planning commission.

Colin Leath <>    

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