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more comments from carfree list

more comments from carfree list

Added by colin #442 on 2004-06-11. Last modified 2004-06-11 23:48. Originally created 2004-05-23. F0

I missed these:

 --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, Colin Leath <cleath@j...> wrote:
 > Please give me any suggestions you have about this
 > speech.
 > We the carfree movement foster a productive hatred of
 > the automobile

 TF: There's no such thing as "productive hatred".

 - Tom Frost Jr.

I agree about leaving out hatred.

Could Colin make this more into a "resolute and passionate search for alternatives to the car as a means of transporting people and goods." "Our positive interest is prompted by an informed anger against the way auto-dependency and it is dependency - has brought death and injury to millions, driven alternative forms of transport from our roads and blighted our townscapes and countryside by destroying both with noisy sprawl and contributing the greatest single source of toxic emissions that threaten health and the global environment, and forcing our military into endless confrontations around the world to ensure we can continue to inject our economy from a diminishing supply of fossil fuel. (Given the timing could you not refer to "The Day after Tomorrow")

Can Colin also get in the core point about how the carfree philosophy recognises that the car is taking us on the road to nowhere destroying the very places we use our cars to visit. Can he make the point about the carfree movement's desire to move people from their present pursuit (via the car) of access by mobility to access by proximity shortening food miles and bringing people's leisure, work, places of worship, schools closer together in cities inhabited by communities rather than fragmented populations alienated from each other by wide roads, widely separated settlements and the metal frame and darkened windows that isolate people from their fellows."

Hope some of that's helpful.


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