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The Thoreau Institute

Link: http://ti.org/

I like Thoreau and libertarianism / true liberalism but I hate cars & planes & helicopters & the external costs thereof & environments built for people who use them. This is a pro-car site.

Inspired both by Henry David Thoreau's love of the natural world and his dislike of big government, the Thoreau Institute seeks ways to protect the environment without regulation, bureaucracy, or central control. The Institute was founded in 1975 under the name of Cascade Holistic Economic Consultants to help environmentalists and others understand and influence public land management.

Since then, the Institute has worked as a consultant to or partner with every major national environmental group as well as numerous state and local groups. Between 1980 and 1998 the Institute also published a magazine, first titled Forest Planning and most recently called Different Drummer. Today the Institute distributes its work over the internet or in books such as The Vanishing Automobile and Other Urban Myths.

The Institute's Board of Directors includes representatives of a variety of public land interest groups. The board hopes that it can break down the barriers between interest groups that have prevented the development of good public land policies.

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