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A list of resources useful to content authors

Initially created to hold links to dictionaries, but will also include links to image processing tools and tutorials, perhaps.

Added by colin #442 on 2003-09-01. Last modified 2004-09-11 22:25. Originally created 2003-09-01. F1 License: Attribution
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Topics: site documentation

Spell-check documents

(Note that spell-checking a document using its URL will not work unless you have published the document!)


Style guides

HTML Issues and Entity References (e.g., € or € for ())

Note that with some characters (e.g., Мой город без) zope is converting them to entity refs like so (Мой город без) when you paste them in, wheras with others like () it is not).

Dvorak conversion


2004-09-11-1326 added HTML Tidy Online and Mayfield Handbook

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