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UCSD Campus Impressions

Link: http://ucsd.edu

Usually I find college campuses to be among the few respites from car-infested surroundings... There are carfree areas on UCSD, but the campus in general has the feel of a Le Corbusian / Modernist playground. Imagine monster buildings widely spread apart towering above diminuitive pedestrians, who must walk a long way from one towering monster to another. The newer buildings, for example, Eleanor Roosevelt College, look like something out of Gattaca.

The area around the glider port, along the coast, above black's beach, on tall cliffs above the ocean, is memorable, and if it weren't for the frequent flyovers of military jets and helicopters, would be powerfully peaceful and meditative: the long views, the mesmerizing patterns of incoming waves, blue sky, soaring birds, breeze, fantastically horrible erosion, surfers ascending like billy goats & strange men in parked cars.

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Location: World, United States, California, San Diego, UCSD
Topics: urban planning

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