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Walk San Diego

Link: http://www.walksandiego.org/

Oh joy of joys! from their site:


We envision San Diego communities that invite walking as a preferred choice for transportation and recreation for all people.


WalkSanDiego is dedicated to enhancing the livability of communities, through promotion, education, and advocacy, by making walking a safe and viable choice for all people.


WalkSanDiego was formed in 1998 to address the unique needs of pedestrians within the San Diego region. Our board consists of transportation professionals, land use planners, health advocates, injury prevention specialists, and residents who want to improve the pedestrian environment.

We believe the region's traffic congestion is largely due to poor planning and few alternatives to driving, forcing everyone to use cars for most trips. Many trips could be made on foot within one's own community. We can help make it happen.

WalkSanDiego is a 501 (c) (3) organization, so your membership donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the extent allowed by law. "

They have a newsletter

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