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what no one does

Further exploration of the idea that the things most worth knowing and doing do not call attention to themselves. I credit _Encounters with Chinese hermits_ with showing me this perspective. A writing prompt in Spanish class to which I responded with a title, "Mira a lo que no ve" (that may be incorrect Spanish) set this off. I also see the influence of the Ground, Relax, Awareness, Center, Energy (GRACE) part of the ITP Kata routine. Well, I see a lot of things here, including reaction to mass movements and enthusiasms. And a Wilberian (Ken Wilber) or Zen sort of outlook.

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          Look at what you do not see.
          Listen to what you do not hear.
          Do what no one does.
          Feel what no one feels.
          Be what no one is.

          Be what all things are.
          Look at what you see.
          Listen to what you hear.

          Do what everyone does.
          Feel what everyone feels.


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