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Carfree zionism?

It seem like no one (not even I) wishes to encourage other carfree people to move to their town. An exception may be Portland? Perhaps a car-free zionist movement would excite us more.

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CarfreeCity.us is one such project in the United States. We can also learn from The Freestate Project , which claims to be approaching a milestone of 5,000 registrants (their goal is to have 20,000 move to a US state and influence politics).

Conceivably, like past religious movements, we could work together and build a community of our own.

The discussion list for the Carfree City project is here .

There are definitely pitfalls and drawbacks to this approach, and it looks like Carbuster's Magazine Issue 15 gave this some consideration. Ideally all newborns would grow up hating cars and remain in their communities creating carfree space and other good things?

Do you have other ideas or comments?

Colin Leath <>    

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   Carfree zionism?, by colin on 2003-06-24 15:09:35

An authentic carfree Zionist realized I have misused "Zionism" which refers explicitly to the creation of a Jewish homeland.

I'm hoping people will find it tenable to distiguish between "carfree Zionism" and a proposed carfree zionism-like movement.

What if the car-free people got together and made their own city, since many of us aren't happy in places where we must deal with the effects of car/truck ownership and use?

With respect to "carfree Zionism" Dan had this to say:

I am a car free zionist and follow Israel's anti-car movement as much as possible, although they seem to have bigger problems on their plate right now. It appears that Israel's once thriving Critical Mass movemement has been one of the Intifada's victims, with people fearing gathering in public spaces in a public manner.

I have been telling anyone who will listen that to support Israel, you must renounce the internal combustion engine that seems to fuel much of the terror perpetrated against Israel. Needless to say, this has been a bit of a hard sell, but at least it has some people thinking.

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